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My Story

5 Years ago I was broken and didn't know where to turn. I worked in Corporate America and in a high-level corporate job and got publicly fired via front page of the newspaper and subsequently, my mother died. I reached out to programs and gurus and self-help books etc. to get me out of being stuck.  I even listened for the voice from the sky and nothing happened.

Until one day I heard a woman who was a life coach speaking about her story and how she had healed herself from poverty and shame to becoming a multi-million dollar speaker and author.  Since then I have been on a mission to help others grow and transform through my 10 Step Goal Setting & Winning at the Game of Life Program. If you need to Overcome Fear, Get Unstuck & Live a Courageous Life that you were meant to live, let's talk today! Sign-Up Schedule a consultation

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My Story Cont'd

I thought to myself If she could come from so far and achieve her dreams, surely she would be able to help me get up from my loss and pain and hurt? I contacted her company and signed up for her program right away. I was able to fly to California and begin the most amazing and beautiful healing journey of my life.  

I would like to share with you, the secrets that I learned and help you to get out of the status quo and being stuck.  From hardship to strength, from darkness to light, and from being stuck to being on my way to earning a million dollars in business. 

I would like to coach you into your dream and goal.  As a result of these 10 secrets, I am able to live in my dream area, speak to millions of people throughout the world, be found by my perfect partner, and be on the road to a million-dollar business.  Please join me so I can coach you to success. Sign up now for a coaching session consult.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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